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Doc Rivers Says Big Baby Davis’ Problems Are “Between His Ears”

With their rivals in Los Angeles engaging in accusations and finger-pointing, the Boston Celtics apparently don’t want to be left out of the early playoff exit turmoil game. This time it comes from Doc Rivers, who appeared on WEEI and had a less-than-friendly critique of Glen “Big Baby” Davis.

Via Celtics Hub:

“I thought it was more in between his ears than his play. I thought the whole contract thing affected his play. I thought he had the wrong focus at times because of that. I think when you stray away from just being a team player and being the role that you’re given, I think you struggle. I think all players do. And I thought Baby did that.

“I thought scoring was way too important to him, instead of being who he is. Baby’s never going to be a great scorer in our league, but he can score. What Baby has to be is an energy player, a guy who takes charges.”

Rivers followed up by saying he wouldn’t mind having Davis back next season…at the right price. That price – whatever it may be – is going to be challenged since it looks likely that Davis will test the free agent market. Doc is undoubtedly feeling pretty secure after recently signing a big contract extension, but considering he’s already publicly lamenting the trade that let Kendrick Perkins get away, any grievances he may have with another one of his big men should probably be aired in private.