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Drake BBM to Lebron James: “Tonight is Your Night”

So Drake is the motivational force behind Lebron new found killer instinct?

Paul Azinger thinks Drake is a thug too by the way.  Here is what Slam Magazine had to say about Drake and Lebron’s friendship.

Grammy-nominated rapper Drake sent his usual encouragement, via BlackBerry Messenger, on game day to his close friend, LeBron James. It simply read: ‘Tonight is your night.’

‘I always let him know that it’s his night,’ Drake said. ‘Let’s get it, let’s go out there with a clear mind and forget all the other stuff going on and just stay focused on the task. That ring. Tonight, I told him it was his night. And it was his night tonight.’

‘What we have is real family,’ James said. ‘It’s not just because we are successful at what we do. We really care about one another on a day-to-day basis. Anytime you get a friend that can come and support you in what you do, I really respect that. He has a busy schedule. I respect that. Anytime I get some free time, I try to support him as well.’”

You know Lil Wayne is heated about this, since he wanted to be Lebron’s buddy and The King brushed him off.  When you are successful, many times you can only relate to other successful people because they know what you are going through.

Even though it sounds a but mushy, I can see why they would be friends.  I might not BBM a guy saying “Tonight is your night”,  sounds like something from a Lifetime Movie,  but encouragement from a friend is always nice.

I never thought Lebron wasn’t clutch, I had seen him do amazing things in the 4th quarter of games, what I was looking for was a killer instinct.

You can tell he is starting to see the ring and it is fueling his play to a level that we haven’t seen before from him.