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Ex-Employee Stole $30K From Terrell Owens To Pay for Baller Apartment

T.O. needs to pay more attention who he is giving his PayPal information to.

I wonder how many ladies did this guy break lamps with because he lived in a nice bachelor pad and could say he worked for T.O.?  It was $2000 a month for rent and in ATL that gets you a pretty nice crib.

You know there are like 70 women to every guy in Atlanta, so I bet he cleaned up.  Depending on how long he is in jail, he might think it was worth it.

Atlanta police recently assisted the NFL star in tracking down Antonio Edwards.According to police documents, Edwards, a former employee of Owens, used the football star’s Bank of America account to pay rent at a metro Atlanta apartment complex.

The documents also stated that for more than a year, Edwards used Owens’ account to pay more than $2,000 in rent at the Post Alexander Apartment Complex. The rent payments were made through an online system, the documents stated.

I wonder how often this happens to athletes?  They have a lot of yes men, family, friends, groupies and what not, who are real close to their financial info.

In this case he was doing it online so all he needed was the account and routing number.  When you have millions in the bank, if you aren’t paying attention you might not even notice $2000 going out each month.

This is a good lesson for all players to be very aware of your fiances and the people you let close to your money.