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Is the Orlando Media Pushing Dwight Out?

Apparently Dwight Howard has had enough of the local media outlets in Orlando, Fl speculating about his future with the Magic. Dwight Howard recently sent out a tweet that said:

“Y does it seem like the writers of Orlando Sentinel are tryna push me out of Orlando with dumb
articles. It’s annoying. Can I enjoy my summer and get ready for next season with Orlando. Pls. Same thing you guys did to Shaq. Smh”

Now I KNOW I’m stretching, but it sounds to me as if Dwight wants to follow Shaq’s footsteps and wear a Lakers jersey and I personally think that he should. I mean what has Orlando given him? Hedo Turkoglu? JJ Reddick? Gilbert Arenas? It’s totally understandable why he wants to come and play for one of the most storied franchises.

Since Dwight was drafted in 2004 the Lakers have won 4 conference titles and 2 NBA Championships. The
Lakers are proven winners. I realize that the Lakers are going to be in rebuilding mode, but when they build they build championship teams. So Dwight can be assured that the franchise will do everything necessary to get back to a
championship caliber team.

So my advice to Dwight is not to let the media get to you. Your time is limited. Even if Orlando won’t trade you it’s a good chance that the 2011-12 season will be cut short due to the lockout which means that you won’t have to worry about the reporters too much longer. So enjoy your summer Dwight and we’ll see you in LA in 2012.