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Jared Allen Has a Problem With NFL Rookies Bling Bling Bling

I try not to worry about what another man is doing with his money mainly because I don’t want anyone telling me what to do with the $287 I currently have in the bank.

But I am honest person and when I read these comments by Jared Allen I found myself nodding my head.

“I think the bigger disappointment was to see the jewelry on these kids’ arms and ears. Are you kidding me?

You haven’t played a down in the league yet and thousands and thousands of dollars on these kids arms. I’m like you guys – understand you’re getting drafted into a lockout where you don’t know what rules you’re playing under and how much money you might possibly get.

Some people are salty about the jewels because of jealousy.  Jared Allen isn’t necessarily the person who should be saying this, because he has had a few issues of his own more serious that the cost of jewelry.

My only concern is that these are young guys and the shelf life of a NFL player is only three years.  When you hear cases like Dez Bryant owing a half million dollar just in jewelry, you wonder what ten years from now will he be wishing he saved some ofthat money.

In theory making millions should have you and your family set for life, but we see many times those millions can go quickly if you don’t manage your money right.

Not my place to tell someone that don’t need $30k diamond earrings, but 30k isn’t a big deal when you making Peyton Manning money, but when you are the 28th pick in the first round and only a couple of million are guaranteed, you might want to be more prudent.

Flashy jewels and cars are status symbols especially in the hip hop community which a lot of these kids grew up in, but true status is not about how many diamonds are in your watch, but the person you are.

Just something to think about.