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Jason Terry Predicted Mavs Championship, With NBA Finals Tattoo

Everyone wanted to play the Mavs in the playoffs. Their reputation was of a soft and mentally weak team. Everyone said if you smacked them around a bit, they would fold.

People said Dirk would choke, he wasn’t a killer and still feeling the effects of blowing the 2006 Finals.

When Brandon Roy single handily brought the Blazers back from a 23 point deficit in the 1st round everyone said the same thing.

“Same Old Mavs”

Funny thing has happened since then.

The Mavericks have won 10 out of their next 11 games and have shown a killer instinct that we have never seen before. Dirk Nowitzki who is part of the old guard of the NBA is playing the best he ever has. Jason Kidd long thought for dead, is showing every young guard in the world how to play the point guard position properly.

Then you have Jason Terry who must have known something that we didn’t know, because before the season started he had the NBA Finals trophy on his arm.

“When he first got the tattoo, I said he was crazy,” Stevenson said of the tattoo that is on the inside of Terry’s arm. “I didn’t say it to him. But I’ve never been to the [NBA Finals], and for him to have that now. Wow. And he got that tattoo in October, and it means a lot with what we’ve been through.”

Everybody laughed and they thought it was a joke at the time,” said Terry, who along with Dirk Nowitzki are the only remaining players from the Mavs’ 2006 Finals loss to the Miami Heat. “When they actually see me get it, they were like, ‘This boy is serious.’ And our whole talk and conversation was about right now, about us getting to this point and winning it all.”

For Terry to be seen as Nostradamus, the Mavs need to seal the deal, but are you willing to bet against them?