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Pics: Randy Moss is a Fan of L.A. Noire

Randy Moss whenever the lockout is over will be a free agent and is on the last leg of his brilliant career. The interesting thing about Moss is even though at times he is vilified in the media as a “Thug”, in general he lives a pretty low key life.

He hasn’t been in any trouble with the law for many years, he doesn’t tweet, Facebook or make it rain at the club.

He popped up at a Game Spot looking like a homeless person apparently to pick up L.A. Noire. has the details.

We present Randy Moss, making a pitstop at GameStop, sometime Monday evening.   (Perhaps getting a copy of L.A. Noire)

Just met Randy Moss in my store, very nice guy,” writes “Rick.”

Most of the lockout a stories are negative, at least this one is positive, if not odd.

Moss will get a shot somewhere, the question begs in where.  I doubt it is back in New England (shhh that is where Ocho Cinco ends up if he is released by Bengals).

He needs to be with a winning team with an established quarterback, I think he has one or two more good years in him.