Scottie Pippen: “Lebron James Might Be The Best Player of All-Time” – BlackSportsOnline
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Scottie Pippen: “Lebron James Might Be The Best Player of All-Time”

Mike and Mike in the morning comes on pretty early, so maybe Scottie just hadn’t had his coffee yet and wasn’t thinking clearly.


If you really listen to what he is saying there are subtle digs at Michael Jordan in his comments.

I will say the same thing about Lebron that I have said about Kobe for years, until his career is complete there is no point of even having this discussion.

Lebron James is a great player and in my opinion the best player in the game currently, but he isn’t a legend yet. You need rings to be a legend or a complete dominant career to be consider a legend.

He shouldn’t even be in the same breath as the Jordans, Kobes, Magics, Birds, Shaqs, Wilts, Kareems, Russells and etc. Truth be told he should even be in the same breath as the Barkleys, Stocktons and Malones.

Who knows how Lebron’s career will end up and I am sure when it is all said and done he will be on that Legendary list, but can you at least see how he plays against the Mavs, before making wild overreaction to the status in the game.

One thing to remember regardless of how many titles Lebron wins, in the back of people’s minds, will always be that he left to become Super Friends with D Wade to get them. Just that right there will probably always put him behind Jordan regardless of how many titles he wins.

But like I said don’t put the cart before the horse (I love that phrase if I am saying it right, I’m probably not), the Heat and Lebron need to take care of business right now, before anyone should be worried about who is the greatest.