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Tom Brady Froze Out Randy Moss?

Brady went Isiah Thomas to Randy Moss which indirectly lead to his trade?

I am not sure if I believe that, but while discussing if Moss will be coming back to the Patriots. Here is what Tom E. Curran of had to say.

Moss’ main concern isn’t playing football, it’s making money. And anyone who’s been listening for the last decade has heard Bill Belichick lob the praise “football is important to him” realizes how ill-fitting Randy Moss would be here.

Never mind the fact that, after the Jets game last year, quarterback Tom Brady basically froze Moss out for his final two games in New England. Brady was tired of throwing picks on balls intended for Moss (he threw two against the Jets; he had just two more the rest of the regular season).

I think Moss best years are far behind him whenever the lockout is over any team spending big money on his is just being foolish.

As far as the freezing out, I think Brady just threw to the open man who didn’t happen to be Moss.