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Video: Joakim Noah Calling The Miami Heat “Hollywood as Hell”

This was Funny As Hell, even if it is comes across as a bit salty on Noah’s part.  It isn’t that he is lying, it is just that doesn’t matter what you call the Heat, just be sure to point out they are Eastern Conference Champions.

I think Noah deep down knows the better team won, but he couldn’t help but take a little dig at the Heat before the Bulls went fishing.

If I was the Bulls I would think about moving Noah if Dwight Howard is interested in becoming SuperFriends with Derrick Rose.  The Bulls need more help on the inside.

Noah is good player that every team needs, but he is a liability in the offensive end and shouldn’t be considered untouchable.

It isn’t like he is a “Hollywood” player or anything.

I wonder what JJ “Hella” Barea thinks about this?


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