Waitress Threatened Haynesworth With Harassment Claim Over Bad Tip? – BlackSportsOnline
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Waitress Threatened Haynesworth With Harassment Claim Over Bad Tip?

Haynesworth and his people have given a few different explanation on why a Waitress at The W hotel would accuse him with sexual harassment.

First he claimed he couldn’t have harassed her because he didn’t like black girls.

Then he said she was just mad because he didn’t want to holla at her.

The latest reason is he is a bad tipper.

A business manager for Washington Redskin Albert Haynesworth called 911 after a party at a downtown hotel to say the player was being threatened by a waitress because the tip he left was too small, according to court papers.

After Haynesworth got into a “verbal altercation” with a waitress over the amount of the tip, according to the letter, the waitress threatened to say she had been harassed unless he left more money. The business manager then called 911, the letter said.

On Monday, Bolden said he was “aware” of the 911 call and was “still investigating” it.

The entire story on both parties are fishy.

Truth is somewhere in the middle. I find it interesting that Haynesworth is cheap considering he has been stealing money from the Redskins for the last two years, he should want to spread his good fortune.