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Will Randy Moss Be A Patriot Again?

Randy Moss will not return to the Tennessee Titans. I’m sure no one is surprised since Randy barely made an appearance on the field for the Titans. Randy played seven games with the Titans and only caught six passes….so why would the Titans resign him?

A few of the teams being mention as possible destinations are the Jets, Rams, and yes the Patriots. I can actually see Moss playing for the Rams or the Jets. He did play under Rams offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels before and I can see Rex Ryan wanting Randy on his team, but why the Patriots.

Randy did have a good career in New England and was hurt when he was traded. In many interviews following his departure from New England Moss repeatedly stated how much he loved playing with Tom Brady and for Bill Belichick, but do the Patriots want him back? Do the Patriots need him back? I think that it was quite obvious that the Patriots were not able to stretch the field as much post-Moss, but Brady was still productive. As a matter of fact he was key in me winning both of my fantasy football leagues last year, but that’s neither here nor there.

So I guess the main question is do the Patriots miss having a legitimate deep threat enough to resign Randy Moss. Do they miss Moss’s speed and size? Do they miss his big play capability? Do they realize after losing to the Jets in the playoffs that Deion Branch is not the clutch receiver that they thought he was? With the NFL lockout in full swing all you can do is sit and wait, but maybe just maybe Moss will suit up as a Patriot one more time.