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Win or Lose It Only Gets Harder for Heat

It worked.  The triumvirate of Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade, and Lebron James concocted a plan to enhance their championship chances and executed it a year earlier than most experts expected them to.  At their coming out party, Lebron predicted that the Miami Heat could win eight championships if they took care of business and did it the right way.  I on the other hand see some reasons as to why Lebron won’t be confused for Nostradamus anytime soon:

Kobe Bryant: There’s not a more competitive player in the league than the Mamba.  As if being swept by the Mavericks wasn’t enough, now Lebron is taking away from his Michael Jordan comparisons.  Kobe will be primed to prove he can win without Phil Jackson as much as he was to win without Shaq. Tying Jordan’s ring total and succeeding Lebron’s Heat will make it even more worthwhile.

New York Knicks: For every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction.  The Heat set the blueprint and the Knicks are following it.  We’ve seen the unhappy superstar wants to be traded and will only approve of a deal to the Knicks movie before.  SPOILER ALERT:  The sequel ends with Chris Paul in a Knick uniform.

Class of 2012: Next year’s draft could be the second coming of the 1996 draft.  Harrison Barnes, Anthony Davis, Austin Rivers, Michael Gilchrist, and Jared Sullinger are just a few from a class that’s sure to be loaded.  They won’t be a force immediately upon arrival, but it won’t be long before this talent laden class starts putting up a fight against an older Heat team.

Oklahoma City Thunder: Their core aren’t too far removed from actually having to wear backpacks to carry books in.  Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are 22.  James Harden and Serge Ibaka are 21.  Scott Brooks took them to the conference finals this year after winning coach of the year his first season at helm.  Barring injury or a locker room mutiny, they will only get better.

Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls:  The conference finals set the stage for a conquer that mountain scenario.  Much like the 90’s Chicago Bulls had to overcome the Pistons, these Bulls will have to overcome the Heat.  And just as Jordan’s teammates had to step up, eventually Rose’s will do the same.  Well, maybe not Carlos Boozer.

Time: Removing Lebron from the equation because he obviously was construed from the best of DNA ala Arnold Schwarznegger in the movie Twins, time will take it’s toll on this group.  Bosh and Wade much like Lebron have years of basketball on their bodies.  Wade has a history of injuries certain to nag at him with the longer playoff runs the Heat will assuredly make yearly.  Although Bosh has been fairly healthy throughout his career, judging from his rollercoaster of emotions this year, an emotional breakdown rests in his future…especially if James and Wade never invite him to “their” pre and post game interviews.