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If There is a NBA Lockout Dwight Howard Will Turn to Cockfighting

Dwight Howard was hosting a charity bowling event yesterday for his D12 Foundation.  If you wanted to cover it that was great, but you were to instructed not to ask Howard anything about him leaving the Magic as a free agent in 2012, if you wanted to stay on the guest list.

When the conversation turned toward the potential NBA Lockout here is what Howard had to say.

As he hosted his first benefit event for the D12 Foundation, a public-relations representative for Howard’s nonprofit advised members of the press not to ask about the superstar’s plans to become a free agent in 2012 or about basketball.

When Howard did face a question about how he would deal with a potential NBA lockout, Howard decided to have a little fun and make a joke.

“I’m not worried about the lockout,” Howard said.

“I have two jobs in place. One, I’ve been training a couple of chickens in my backyard. I have a miniature treadmill. I have some steroids for the chickens, and we’re going to do cockfights. So I might do that. The other one is I’ve been also training for curling. So I’ll be in Canada and Montreal with the curling team up there. So, yeah, I can’t wait.”

He can go work for Roy Jones if he is serious (he wasn’t).  Since he wasn’t joking about dog fighting no cares even though chickens have rights too.

Oh by the way Magic fan Dwight is still…………………..