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Terrell Owens Is A First Ballot Hall Of Famer Despite Media Perception

Yesterday, news broke that wide receiver Terrell Owens had surgery to repair a torn ACL in one of his knees that could keep him out for at least six months.

ESPN reported that the injury occurred sometime during the off-season and it might have happen while T.O. was taping a television show -_-. But that’s neither here nor there.

The big elephant in the room is the fact that T.O. is 37-years (will be 38 in December) and he has two knew surgeries. Those two predicaments usually leads a player to retirement.

And lets not forget that he isn’t the most popular player amongst team owners and GMs because of his diva behavior and me, me, me attitude. So I doubt teams will be rushing to sign him if he decides to come back to football.

I don’t know if the brash wide receiver will retire or not, but if he does retire he is a first ballot hall of famer hands down.

Lets forget about Terrell’s behavior for a second and look at the facts/stats.

T.O. ranks fifth all time in receptions with 1,078 behind Jerry Rice, Marvin Harrison,  Cris Carter, and Tim Brown. He is second in receiving yards with 15,934 (behind Rice), and T.O. is tied with Randy Moss for second in receiving touchdowns [153], also behind Rice.

Now, we all know that T.O. has had issues with teammates, specifically with quarterbacks, on three of his four teams (49ers, Cowboys and Eagles). His “give me the ball” attitude and calling out the quarterbacks have caused rifts between him and some of his former teammates.

His diva behavior even gave him the infamous name of “Team Obliterator” by player-hater Skip Bayless.

But behavior, good or bad, doesn’t disqualifies a player from getting into the Hall of Fame. If that was the case a few players wouldn’t even have made it to Canton, Ohio, i.e. Lawrence Taylor and Michael Irvin.

You can debate all you want on whether T.O. deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, but we all know that T.O. is a freak of nature (check out his hot body).

He was a beast on the field and gave it his all. How many players you know would play in the Super Bowl just seven weeks after spraining and ankle AND fracturing a his fibula……not many.

You can hate on T.O. all you want but you can’t dispute the fact that all he wanted to do was win.

So he deserves to be a first ballot Hall of Famer.

Facts are facts. And in this case, stats are stats.