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The Miami Heat Already Planning Championship Parade?

The Basketball Gods are reading this story carefully.

The Heat might not have anything to do with this, but someone is either doing a scam or planning to take their parade talents to South Beach.

You make the call.

Here’s the actual Craigslist ad (which has been up since Friday) that has people wondering if the Heat are really that blase about coming off as “Hollywood as hell.”

The ad isn’t from the Heat directly, though: it’s from a “nationwide special event firm” that’s seeking people “to sell Miami Heat NBA Championship merchandise for the World Championship Parade IF AND WHEN the Heat win the Finals.”

They did throw in the “IF”, so maybe they are just doing their due dillegence in getting prepare just in case or they are just confident the Heat are going to win.

Why couldn’t they just have called Rick Ross, to do the planning for them.