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Words of Advice for Lebron James

From the looks of blogs and columns across the country today, Lebron James is going to take a penciled whipping for his play in the NBA Finals.  Whether just or unjust, it’s part of being the most recognizable athlete in the world. 

As of three zeros appearing on the game clock last night, the 2010-2011 NBA season is over so let’s look to the future rather than harp on the past.  I’ve come up with a couple of tips for Lebron in surviving what looks to be a loooonnng summer. 

LISTEN TO M.J.: No not that M.J., but the late Michael Jackson. 

“Who am I, to be blind?
Pretending not to see their needs… They follow each other on the wind ya’ know… That’s why I want you to know…

I’m starting with the man in the mirror…I’m asking him to change his ways”

Yes I went there. If you want to make Lebron’s world a better place, you’re going to have to humble yourself.  The media thrives off of you and when you’re spewing off arrogant sometimes ignorant answers to their loaded questions, you only make it easier for them to criticize. 

You can act as if you’re blind to the fact, but you are aware that all it takes is one scribe to pen a Lebron insert a negative phrase here column and the rest will follow.  If you need an example, mimic that of Mark Cuban’s in the playoffs this year.  Limit your comments until after you win your ring and return to being an asshole afterwards. 

LET ‘EM HANG: Let’s be honest, you’re a frontrunner.  The Lebron who’s leading doesn’t resemble the Lebron whose trailing or in a closely contested series or game and this has to be addressed.  Your crunch time play in “either way” contests is average and brings the words timid and scared to mind. 

You can’t be afraid to miss a shot.  I’m 1000 percent sure that your teammates, critics, and supporters alike would prefer you take a shot with three defenders draping off of you as opposed to passing to the likes of Udonis Haslem or Jamario Moon. 

Neither Michael Jordan nor Kobe Bryant made every shot, but they never feared the moment.  Stand up to the moment and it will become a lot more simple.

LOOK TO THE LOGO: Your teams are 0-2 in NBA finals series with a 2-8 overall record.  The model for the emblem on your jersey, well his teams were 1-8 in the NBA finals.  It took the great Jerry West seven trips to the finals before he emerged victorious. 

You’re only 26 and have never suffered a mild injury let alone a serious one.  There will be more finals trips and sooner or later you’ll be fitted for a ring.  If you start to get down about your trips to the finals, just look to the logo for inspiration.