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College Football Writer Bruce Feldman Suspended Indefinitely By ESPN

Apparently the pen and the sword form a combination too mighty for ESPN’s liking.  Senior college football writer Bruce Feldman has been suspended by the worldwide leader for his role in “Swing Your Sword”, the biography of former Texas Tech football coach Mike Leach.

Feldman, who’s been at ESPN since 1995 assisted Leach in compiling material for the biography.  Being the consummate professional he is, Feldman asked and received ESPN’s permission prior to assuming his role in the book.

Leach has identified ESPN college football analyst Craig James as being instrumental in Texas Tech firing him in 2009 after accusations were levied against Leach in the treatment of James son Adam.  While I’ve yet to read Leach’s biography and probably won’t do so, it’s easy to assume that Leach’s sentiments regarding ESPN and James were not of the favorable kind.

In assisting the pirate passion Leach, Feldman has been banished from writing for ESPN or any affiliate as well as forbidden from appearing on any ESPN platform.  ESPN has also restricted Feldman from participating in the promotion of any recently released books he’s had any role in.  Considering that Feldman hadn’t pubbed “Swing Your Sword” any, it’s safe to say that this would be the least harsh of Feldman’s punishment.  ESPN has also disallowed any tweeting from the senior writer.

Stopping a man from writing and appearing on TV is mean but stopping a guy from tweeting is pouring salt in the wound and downright cruel.