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Evan Mahone The Kid Lebron James Dunked On Gets a Gift from The King

In the new age media we live in, it just takes being at the right place at the right time to become an overnight celebrity.

Meet Evan Mahone who was just your average 17 year old kid who liked to play basketball a few days ago until this happened.

From the time Lebron James bowled him over, left him in a heap on the floor and his boy started to scream out………..


Mahone life was never going to be the same.  Lebron decided to try to ease the pain with a gift and this is where askkissy.com (great site by the way) picks up the story.

On Thursday, seventeen year old Evan Mahone of Michigan was recently dunked on by Lebron James at a Basketball Camp. After the dunk Lebron presented him with autographed shoes.

Mahone wasn’t too hurt about it because within hours he posted to his Facebook wall “Got dunked on by Lebron 🙁 but he gave me his shoes so its alll good broo 😉 ”

Earlier in the day, Mahone was also given a pair of autographed Chris Paul sneakers, which were worn in the 2011 playoffs. Of course he bragged about that on his Facebook wall too. I mean how often to you get to have such a boastful day in high school. He probably has his own set of groupies now.

Trust me he is going to cherish this memory for a long time.  He will always be remember as the kid that Lebron dunked on.  He might be able to paraly that into a reality TV show down the road.