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Former Bengals RB David Lee “Deacon” Turner Shot & Killed By Cops

I can tell you right now that this story sounds suspect to me.

Turner was not armed, he allegedly hit the cop with a beer can and that provoked the cop’s partner to shoot him two times. The police are taught to use force only if their life is in danger, I don’t recall a beer can ever killing anyone especially when there were multiple police officers around at the time of the shooting.

Here are the details.

Former NFL running back David Lee “Deacon” Turner, 56, was shot and killed in front of a convenience store Sunday by a Kern County deputy after he allegedly hit an officer with a bag holding two cans of beer.

On Sunday, deputies were investigating reports of teenagers asking adults to buy alcohol and cigarettes. The deputies approached Turner as he left the store with his 19-year-old son and a 16-year-old juvenile whom authorities have not identified.

The deputies detained Turner while they investigated. According to reports from the sheriff’s office, Turner initially complied with deputies but then decided to leave.

Deputies said a scuffle occurred when they tried to stop Turner. Deputy Aaron Nadal was hit on the back of the head with a bag holding two, 24-ounce cans of beer before Deputy Wesley Kraft drew his handgun and fired twice at Turner, authorities said.

It should be noted that Turner as a criminal history, but that doesn’t give the police the right to shoot him. If you take the cops story at face value there are several ways they could have detained Turner without killing him.

I hope a full investigation take place, but history shows the cops will get off.

Just be very careful when dealing with the police, some have an itchy trigger finger and not afraid to use it on you.