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New Jersey Nets in Pursuit of Dwight Howard

The Nets have the one thing that the Magic doesn’t have.

An All-Star Point Guard.

All big man love to have a great point guard to feed them the ball.  If the Nets were able to keep Deron Williams, with the move to Brooklyn and the billionaire owner, they could make a strong pitch for Dwight Howard whenever the lockout is over.

Here are the details courtesy of the Sports Grid.

The latest involve the New Jersey Nets, who are currently attempting to re-sign Deron Williams, and as a part of their pitch, they’re apparently promising their star point guard that they’ll make a run at the Orlando Magic big man when he becomes a free agent in the Summer of 2012.

The Nets, sources said, intend to make a hard push for Howard in an attempt to convince Williams to commit long term.

Of course Williams would stay if they could get Dwight Howard, but he is the prize free agent of 2012 along with Chris Paul.  Who knows where he will end up.

One place I am pretty sure he won’t end up is in Orlando.