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Police: Broncos CB Perrish Cox Raped, Impregnated Woman


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If you are accused of raping someone and you swear that you are innocent the one thing that can crush your story is if the young lady turns up pregnant and the baby is yours.  We reported on this story months ago and gave Cox the benefit of the doubt at that time.

Documents Released in Perrish Cox’s Rape Case..Pics of His Accuser??

It would be one thing is Perrish Cox said it was consensual sex, but he lied and said he never had sex with a woman who was blacked out at the time.

It is obvious now that he did have sex with her while she was in a heavily intoxicated or drugged state.

That makes him a sick individual.

Here are the details.

A DNA test showed Denver Broncos cornerback Perrish Cox impregnated a woman who accuses him of raping her after she had blacked out at his apartment, according to an arrest warrant released Friday.

The alleged assault happened in early September 2010 after the accuser and two friends, one of whom was dating Cox, met up with Cox and teammate Demaryius Thomas at Club Beta in downtown Denver.

Thomas later admitted that he had kissed and touched the accuser, but it “didn’t go far” because the woman was too intoxicated, according to police.

The accuser says she awoke the next morning and felt as though she’d had intercourse.

In late October, the accuser took a home pregnancy test which came back positive, and a DNA test later identified Perrish Cox as the father, the warrant states.

The accuser had an abortion which honestly just make the case even sadder.

I know it is innocent until proven guilty, but with this evidence it is pretty clear. Cox’s blatant lies he knew he did something very wrong and I hope they throw him under the jail.