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Terrell Owens Pitches Sitcom Based on His Life: “8 & 1”

T.O. knows the end is near and unlike Chad OchoCinco who still has a few good years left of NFL money to count on while he is building his off the field empire, Owens’ doesn’t have that luxury.

T.O. has dabbled in acting, he isn’t atrocious, he isn’t going to be nominated for an Oscar anytime soon, but it is a career path that could work for him.

He has burned many bridges in the sports world, but in Hollywood his actions would be considered lightweight.  He would like to star in his own sitcom.  Profootballtalk.com has the details.

According to The Daily, T.O. is shopping a sitcom titled 8 & 1.  Naturally, T.O. would be the star.

“It’s loosely based on my life and my career.  I have four kids by three different moms,” Owens said.  “It will showcase my skills as an actor, which is something I want to do after football.”

Owens, who currently is recovering from a torn ACL, would play “Terrell O’Neal” (why even bother to revise the name?), an NFL player nearing the end of his career.  The fictional T.O. lives with his mother, his best friend, two women with whom he fathered children, and four kids.

“It’s no different from football — it’s all about hard work,” Owens said about acting. “I have a good work ethic.  If I can put the same effort into acting.  Now I watch a movie and I pay attention to camera angles and body language.  It’s 3-D.

It can’t be any worse than “Single Ladies”, so maybe VH1 will give him a shot or BET.  As long as Stacy Dash is in it, someone will watch.