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Dez Bryant Begs Cowboys to Restructure Contract to Settle Jewelry Debts

Rookies get money and they blow it all on jewels, cars, houses, twodels and other assorted things. Then when the second year rolls around they have massive debt and a low base salary.

That is the situation Dez Bryant is in and it doesn’t look like he will be able to do anything about it until the Cowboys can restructure his contract to give him some upfront cash.

Dez Bryant’s troubled financial situation could stay murky until he reworks his contract with the Dallas Cowboys to pay off owed money, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported Wednesday, citing a source.

Bryant still faces a pending lawsuit in which Eleow Hunt, of Colleyville, Texas, alleges the Cowboys wide receiver and his adviser, David Wells, owe him roughly $600,000 for sports tickets, jewelry and repayment of loans.

Bryant is in the second season of his five-year, $11.8 million rookie deal that he signed in 2010.

If Bryant has a good season look for him to start crying similar to DeSean Jackson about a big money extension. Jerry Jones is a more player friendly owner than the Eagles so he might get it.

Unfortunately the new CBA forbids the Cowboys for doing anything to help him out right now. He will have to “settle” for the $1.1 million he will receive in 2011 and hope that his legal issues last into 2012 when his contract can be restructured.

Maybe he was using all his money tricking on Trina?

Hopefully Dez has learned his lesson, that nothing in life is free even for Dallas Cowboys.


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