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Melanie Paige Smith Wants Terrell Owens In Jail For Back Child Support Payments

Melanie Paige Smith won’t stop until she gets what she wants. We’ve been reporting for the past few months that Smith filed lawsuits against Terrell Owens for failing to pay child support.

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Melanie Paige Smith Sues Terrell Owens Again For Child Support

Owens’ representatives responded saying T.O. is the victim who isn’t allowed to see his daughter.

Smith has now taken it a step further. She’s trying to put him in jail.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Smith petitioned a judge to incarcerate T.O. for falling behind on child support payments.

Owens has not paid for August or September, said Melanie Paige Smith’s attorney’s, Randy Kessler. The payments are due the first of the month.

The 37-year-old Alabama native also did not pay the full $5,000 monthly stipend in June and July. Even though he was unsigned by any team, Owens, who remains a free agent, blamed the NFL lockout, saying he would only be able to pay half the monthly stipend, Kessler said.

Smith, the mother of Owens’ daughter, filed a petition for contempt in Fulton County Superior Court in August but withdrew it after Owens paid her the full $5,000, along with attorney fees.

Kessler said Owens, a Fulton County resident, gave no reason for his refusal to pay.

“He texted her and said she could speak to the media, he didn’t care,” Kessler said. “So she has.”

I really wish these two would come to some sort of an agreement because all of this drama isn’t healthy for the child. Please get it together for the child’s sake.