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Kobe Bryant Mysterious Knee Surgery Cured His Arthritis?

I have said often that Kobe Bryant will do any and everything to keep playing at a high level.  He isn’t going to retire gracefully.  If he could play to 50 he would.

No one specifically knows what Bryant had done to his ailing knees this summer, but now a source says he may have a procedure done that has been known to cure Arthritis.

According to a source familiar with Bryant’s treatment, his blood was treated to isolate growth factors that attack inflammation, and then cultured with chemicals to increase their potency before being injected into his arthritic right knee.

Wehling declined to confirm or deny that he treated Bryant. But in a rare interview about his work, he told ESPN The Magazine, “I am the only one to have found a way to cure arthritis.”

No one knows if this is even a legal procedure in the US, but since the NBA players are locked out Bryant isn’t subject to any drug testing, so he was free to try whatever type of experimental treatment he likes.

Whenever the NBA season starts and you see a little more explosiveness from Bean, look for more players to stamp their passport to get the same surgery done.