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Pics: Air Jordan 10 “Chicago” Being Re-Released in January 2012

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I was never big on Air Jordan shoes as lot of my friends were during my Young Rob days.  Mainly because I didn’t see the point of spending $150 on a pair of shoes when I could take that same $150 and get two pair shoes (sometimes three depending on the sale).

My boys use to say it was more of a status symbol to attract women, my rebuttal to that was always if a tennis shoe is all you needed to have a woman fall all over you, she wasn’t the woman you should have been messing around with in the first place.

I did like the Air Jordan 10 though.  Mainly because they were simple, they are being re-released in 2012 here are the details.

Don’t call it a comeback just call it a retro. After popping up on Scottie’s feet during the 94-95 season, MJ took the hint and returned to basketball in the Air Jordan 10 “Chicago”. This January they’ll get the re-release treatment, donning white leather with red and black accents. Originally designed as a celebratory sneaker following his first retirement, the shoe sports career accolades through the ’93 Finals on the outsole. Are these on your radar? Tell us in the comment section.

Air Jordan 10
January 2012

It is pretty cool that the shoe has Jordan’s accomplishments on the sole, that is a unique twist, just don’t commit a murder in these and leave a shoe impression, it will lead the cops right to you.