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Terrell Owens Requests His Child Support Payments to Monique Reynolds Be Lowered

I always thought that child support cases should be reviewed yearly.

People situations change and their payments should be adjusted (up or down) because of that. If you are paying $100 a month and then hit the lottery, you can afford to pay a little more on the flip side if you go from making $5 million a year to $500k a year that should be taken into consideration.

T.O. has been trying to get a couple of his child support cases under control, he has been sued by one baby mama because of late payments and now he is dealing with another.

Owens, who is currently not an NFL roster, wants to reduce the payments he’s making to baby mama Monique Reynolds … because, according to his rep, he’s simply not getting paid these days.

The rep says Owens wants to make the payments a little more reasonable, adding, “His child support payments should mirror his income today and not be based on his income from over four years ago.”

Owens was due in court in Northern California for child support modification hearing on October 24, but didn’t show up. His rep says his lawyers tried to reschedule, but lawyers for Reynolds refused.

Can’t miss court if you are looking for the judge to help you out. The financial difficulties Owens’ appear to be having is legit and with no NFL showing much interest right now, the situation would be consider serious.

I don’t want to see anyone struggle, but if you have kids you have to take care of them. Hopefully the courts will find a fair middle ground.