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Bench Warrant Issued for Terrell Owens

Terrell Owens is not having his best month.

TMZ is reporting that a California judge issued a bench warrant for T.O. after he failed to appear in family court regarding past-due child support.

Court sources confirm … the warrant was issued on Nov. 1 after T.O. was a no-show in family court … where Monique Reynolds was trying to force the football star to finally cough up thousands of dollars in unpaid child support.

Owens is coming off couple of weeks that have seen him publicly state that he can’t afford the child support payments and has petitioned the judge to lower his monthly installments, which was denied due to his failure to even show up for an October 24th court hearing.

The very next day, T.O. held a private workout for prospective NFL teams coordinated by his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, that turned out to work wonders in the sense that the workout was so private, no NFL team bothered to show up.

The very next day,audio of Owens’ assistant’s 911 call caused by his alleged suicide attempt leaked to the public. Also, from various reports from my Twitter timeline, The T.O. Show is pure wack juice.

I’m sure many T.O. detractors may take a slight piece of pleasure in Terrell’s recent misfortunes. But this is real life, and T.O.’s struggles continue to show a man no longer to handle the spotlight he once got out of the bed for (and actually did push-ups in driveway for).

Terrell Owens needs to get his life, and money, back on track, especially before attempting a ill-fated and unlike comeback to the National Football League.

T.O.’s representatives released this statement.

The most current publicized “no show” court date of October 24 was something that Mr. Owens had tried well ahead of time to reschedule with Ms. Reynolds and her attorney. They refused. His reschedule request was due to the fact that Mr. Owens had a scheduled workout to demonstrate his capabilities that was televised and viewed by all NFL teams in the hopes of securing a contract and income. Mr. Owens did not have legal representation while trying to reschedule this court date and was seeking a new attorney. The warrant issued this week for his “no show” court date is being handled by his attorneys currently and will be resolved immediately. Mr. Owens is deeply upset that anyone would misconstrue his nonappearance in court.

Mr. Owens is working to resolve all of these matters and appreciates his fan’s support. We are confident that Mr. Owens will be signed this season to the NFL and all of his child support payments will be modified fairly according to his true income.