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Lawrence Taylor Hit With Sex Trafficking Lawsuit From Gloria Allred & Christina Fierro


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If every guy who got caught with a hooker could be sued with Sex Trafficking we all would be broke. Gloria Allred is terrible person to be representing the female species.

She is an accident chaser lawyer who has become rich by exploiting women with frivolous lawsuits against men for the dumbest reasons known to mankind.

LT was guilty of one crime, not checking ID and if his name was George Taylor no one would have cared, but this is the price of fame.

Former New York Giants superstar Lawrence Taylor was slammed Monday with a federal sex trafficking lawsuit filed by the girl who was forced to prostitute herself to the NFL Hall of Famer in an upstate New York motel room last year.

The lawsuit, filed in Manhattan federal court, alleges Taylor “forced himself” on a “slight teenager who was not only visibly injured, shaken and crying, but expressly told him she did not want to engage in sex and tried to push his enormous body off hers.”

Taylor then “handed her $300,” according to the court filing.

Taylor, 52, was initially criminally charged with statutory rape in the incident, but pleaded guilty in March to sexual misconduct and patronizing a prostitute. The former Giants great, who now lives in Florida, was sentenced to six years probation.

The pimp who beat Fierro, convicted killer Rasheed Davis, in August was sentenced to seven years in prison by a federal judge.

Fierro, now 18, is being represented in her civil suit by high-profile lawyer Gloria Allred, who excoriated Taylor at a press conference after his criminal sentence this year in Rockland County court. Allred and Fierro are scheduled to give another press conference on the new civil case Monday.

Shockingly Ms. Fierro story to police quite different than the one Gloria Allred just made up. Also the Pimp was not named as co-defendant, you know the guy who actually did the Sex Trafficking and beating of the girl.

That would make too much common sense right?

Just call it what it is.

A money grab.