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Titans Chris Johnson Suing Creators of “Dreads on a Stick”

You would think Johnson has more things to worry about than something that on the surface seems pretty silly.  I am not even going to get into the actual concept of “Dreads on a Stick”, but depending on who you believe either these guys are schemers or Johnson is just taking out his frustrations on his poor season on them.

Here are the details.

Johnson is furious … after learning about a product called, “Dreads on a Stick” — which were being marketed as fun wig-type thing fans can wear to support CJ.

But CJ tells TMZ … he NEVER approved the product and doesn’t want his fans to be duped into thinking he had anything to do with it … so he’s unleashed his lawyers to make things right.

Johnson tells us, “My lawyers on are on it … the site has already been shut down … and I’m investigating to see if these guys made any money off of this deceptive scheme.”

TMZ spoke to one of the guys behind “Dreads,” who tell us, “This is bulls**t … we’re going to put this site back up and still promote dreads on a stick.”

Couldn’t the guys just reopen the site and not use Johnson’s name?

It isn’t like Johnson’s invented Dreads, but honestly it is 2011 time to let the Dreads go.