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Warren Sapp tells Lions Ndamukong Suh to “Shut Up”

As long as Warren Sapp would be willing to tell Suh this to his face I don’t have any problem with it. Sapp is in the business of giving opinions and his opinion on Suh isn’t one that people haven’t said before.

Sapp just said it with more adjectives.

Sapp, one of the most talented interior pass rushers of all-time, says that the young Suh needs to learn when to close his mouth. It’s interesting stuff Sapp said on the Dan Patrick Show, and it’s courtesy of the Detroit Free Press. Sapp criticized Suh for yapping after Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan missed two plays in a recent game at Ford Field. After all, the Falcons smoked the Lions, and it wasn’t anything Detroit did to Ryan that got him temporarily injured. “We’ve done our job, we’ve been in his face, we’ve caused him to go down,” Suh said afterward. “We’ve caused his offensive linemen to hurt himself.” Sapp has heard enough. “Absolutely shut up,” Sapp said on Patrick’s radio show.

“We’re talking about taking credit for a quarterback that you didn’t sack, you didn’t take to the ground. His offensive lineman stepped on him. Remind me, didn’t Atlanta win this game? “I’m really trying to find the karma. The quarterback missed two plays, come back in and torched you for the rest of the game … and you don’t get him on the ground, and now it’s karma? “Why are you prancing all the way to the commissioner’s office and you almost ripped somebody’s helmet off? Are you kidding me? You don’t know that’s against the rules? That’s a wasted trip. … He almost ripped Jake Delhomme’s head off. That doesn’t make any sense.”

Sapp had his share of borderline plays in his career, but now his job is to be an entertaining analyst. His points are valid for the most part.

Suh can’t keep complaining when his violations are blatant.