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Aaron Rodgers on Kyle Vanden Bosch: “He Likes To Lay On People”

We all noticed Ndamokung Suh’s egregious actions on the Thanksgiving Day matchup against the Packers but it seems that Packers QB Aaron Rodgers was paying more attention to the other Lions’ defensive players.

During the Lions-Packers Turkey Day matchup, Rodgers complained about something unusual he saw from Lions DE Kyle Vanden Bosch:

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers reportedly told a Milwaukee radio station that Lions defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch “likes to lay on people,” and did so at least six times in the Thanksgiving Day game last Thursday at Ford Field.
Rodgers’ comments on WAUK-AM 540 were reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “He likes to lay on people,” Rodgers said of Vanden Bosch. “If you have a camera on him the entire game — and we watch the film — he is late getting to a lot of plays, and he just lays on guys and stays on there. He probably did that at least a half-dozen times.
Not only is “laying on other people” outside of NFL rules, it’s actually quite odd, actually very odd. It will be interesting to hear Vanden Bosch’s reply because he may think that Rodgers is insinuating a lot of things.
With Vanden Bosch’s rep and manhood potentially in question, we should be expecting a reply anytime soon. Additionally, the currently undefeated Packers play the Lions in the last game of the season.