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Chris Bosh Says Twitter Jokes Inspired Him to Hit the Weight Room

One thing about Chris Bosh that I respect is he is refreshingly honest.

He takes a lot of slander in the media and via social media. He admits that it bothered him, but that he also used it as motivation.

I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing. If it helps him on the court that is fine, but if this shows he can be easily rattled, expect the slander to continue.

Larry Brown Sports has the details.

“I look at all the mistakes that I made, and with all those jokes going on around me, I kind of let that happen a little bit by not being as aggressive as I could be,” Bosh said Thursday after an unsupervised workout with James Jones and Udonis Haslem on the first day facilities were open to NBA players. “But I feel like it’s in my hands now. And I’ll crack some jokes too.”

Last off-season, after joining the Heat, Bosh stopped posting on Twitter because of frustration with nasty criticism of his decision. During the season and into the off-season, he cut back on TV time, so he wouldn’t stumble across the ESPN know-it-alls.

Or any other comedy at his expense.

“At first, it bothered me, but I think it’s funny, I mean, it’s hilarious,” Bosh said. “If a dude tells a good joke, it’s a good joke. And if it’s stale, it’s stale.”

But will he stay strong mentally as well? He is refreshingly honest with the media, but sometimes to his detriment. And last season, when he did speak up about wanting the ball, he would briefly follow-through, then quickly revert to passivity.

“Well, I’ve been working on confrontation this summer,” Bosh said. “I’m serious. Not mean. Just putting all your cards on the table. I’m more comfortable with myself.”

As one who has told a Bosh joke or two (Avatar Bosh, yeah that was me) he needs to have thicker skin, but on the flip side he was the most consistent Heat player in the playoffs.

Dare I say he was the most emotionally stable and honest about the Heat throughout the season.

You know what you are getting with Wade and Bron, the Heat need Bosh to have a better season and honestly I think he will.

Just brush your shoulder off when the jokes come.