Kendrick Perkins Arrives at Thunders Camp 32 Pounds Lighter – BlackSportsOnline
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Kendrick Perkins Arrives at Thunders Camp 32 Pounds Lighter

Looks like someone is ready for the season to start. Oklahoma City Thunder Kendrick Perkins made it a goal to lose weight this past off season in an attempt to stay healthy throughout the season. His defensive presence along with the offensive firepower of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook make the Thunder a viable contender once again in the Western Conference, so OKC fans have to be happy with Perkins’ new lifestyle changes.

Perkins spoke on his new diet and how it’s benefited him:

“I was just eating whatever I wanted. You have to change up your diet a little bit. But there was a lot of things that was healthy on the menu that I actually liked,” Perkins said. “I feel a ton better. … It’s just a sacrifice you’ve got to put in. You’ve really just got to be honest and look yourself and look yourself in the mirror and go from there. […]

“Obviously, when you get lighter, you move quicker and you jump higher. I’ve never been a real leaper but I’ve got some kind of hops now,” Perkins said. “It’s all good.”

Looks like Perkins finally has something to smile about now. Good for him.