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Reggie Bush Gives Kim Kardashian an Ultimatum If She Wants Him Back


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Reggie Reg still does and says some curious things from time to time, but all things considered he has had a very solid year with the Miami Dolphins.

It could just be a coincidence that his resurgence came at the same time his EX Kim Kardashian filed for divorce.  Common sense tells one thing doesn’t have anything to do with the other, but it is more interesting if you tie the two together.

Since by all accounts it did appear that Reggie Reg and Kimmy were in love, not the made up fictional reality show love, many assume they would be getting back together sooner than later, but (check out their site for exclusive details) in there best Lee Corso voice says…….

“Not so fast my friend…..”

Reggie Bush may love him some Kim Kardashian…..but says he has NO plans to get back together with her anytime soon.

The Miami Dolphins player isn’t a fan of “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, and warns Kim that if she EVER wants to get back with him, she has to can the show that made her famous.

“Reggie doesn’t want to be involved in that spectacle anymore”, says an insider. “He gave her an ultimatum, and told her it was HIM–or the show.”

Good for Reggie Reg. One of the reason Kim Kardashian is destine to be alone or married twenty times is her addiction to fame is greater than any drug that it is out there.

Just like her mom at some point she will get old and probably won’t age well, so I get trying to get all you can while you can, but in doing that there are things she will sacrifice and Reggie Bush appears to be one of them.


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