Deion Sanders Says Pilar Sanders is Trying to Extort Him, Pilar Says Take Lie Detector Test – BlackSportsOnline
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Deion Sanders Says Pilar Sanders is Trying to Extort Him, Pilar Says Take Lie Detector Test

I find it amazing that Deion and Pilar are staying in the same house considering the ETHER that is being thrown at each other.

Yesterday, Pilar said Deion had mental problems (Pilar Sanders Says Deion is a Cheater with Narcissistic Personality Disorder & Wants Half $$$)

Today, Deion is saying through his attorney that Pilar is trying to extort him.

Deion’s attorney, Jody Johnson, tells TMZ — “The actions of Ms. Sanders and her attorney are nothing more than an attempt to avoid a legally binding contract that she no longer likes, by falsely assassinating the character of Mr. Sanders in an effort to extort additional money from Mr. Sanders.”

The contract she’s referring to … the couple’s prenup — which Pilar wants the judge to toss out … so she can make a grab for the lion’s share of Deion’s estate.

Pilar claims she was forced to sign the prenup under duress, but Deion says that’s BS — according to his lawyer, “Mr. Sanders committed to a generous financial agreement with his wife when they both voluntarily signed a premarital agreement.”

As for Pilar’s attacks on Deion’s parenting skills — his lawyer claims, “Anyone who knows Mr. Sanders and observes him on a daily basis knows that he is a committed, ever-present father.”

The lawyer adds, “Mr. Sanders will not be intimidated by these shady tactics and remains committed to resolve this matter in a court of law as quickly and amicably as possible.”

Pilar’s lawyer tells TMZ, Pilar’s not the liar — in fact, “Pilar has taken a lie detector test on the question of fidelity during her marriage to Deion Sanders and PASSED.”

Going to be hard to get around that prenuptial agreement.

They might as well put this all on reality TV, then they both can cash out.

Wouldn’t the lie detector episode be highly rated?