Kwame Brown on Andrew Bynum: “I Taught Him Everything He Knows”..*wait*..*what* – BlackSportsOnline
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Kwame Brown on Andrew Bynum: “I Taught Him Everything He Knows”..*wait*..*what*

At first I thought this was a joke.

Even the person who was interviewing Kwame thought it was a joke (don’t ask me why he was interviewing Kwame), but no Kwame was serious.

He believes he is the reason for Andrew Bynum becoming a dominant center in the NBA.

Just read the quotes.

While Brown struggles along with his sixth franchise, Andrew Bynum has quietly grown into the player Lakers fans hoped he would be many years ago. The 24-year-old center is averaging 19.6 points and 15.8 rebounds as the second option to Kobe Bryant on most nights this season.

Is Bynum’s success because of the two-plus seasons he spent with former Lakers teammate Brown? The Warriors backup, while admitting Andrew has “grown into his body,” dropped the early favorite for 2012’s outrageous quote by an NBA player to the Los Angeles Times’ Mike Bresnahan:

“That was my young fella,” Brown bragged of Bynum. “I taught him everything he knows. … I’m one of the better defenders in the league and we played against each other every day in practice. I told him if you can score against me, you can score on anyone.”

That’s a joke, right? Apparently not.

When asked if this could possibly be true, Bynum admitted being buddies with Brown, but claimed they mostly would “talk about cars” and go bowling.

I tend to believe Bynum’s version over Brown’s recollection of events.

Bynum’s success is a product of hard work and staying healthy.  Whatever Brown taught Bynum he should immediately forget.