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Jeremy Lin Rookie Card Selling for $20,600 on Ebay

I think we have finally reached the peak of Linsanity. It can only be downhill from here. My Lindigestion is just getting worse.

There is an auction currently on ebay for a signed Jeremy Lin card that is at $20,600 with about a day left in the auction.

A month ago, I am pretty sure you could have paid $20,000 to have Jeremy Lin come over to your house and cut up you steaks for you. Now his rookie card is selling for $20,000. Not 20,000 Yuan (roughly $3600) but $20,000 AMERICAN DOLLARS.

If I am LeBron James, I purchase this card and use it in the spokes of my bike on the way to the arena for tomorrow’s game.

Now in terms of cards, this one is pretty cool. It has a patch from a game worn jersey from his days at Golden State and is in 9.5 graded condition. The most desirable part is that it is number 17 of 25, popular since 17 is his number with the Knicks (the card has him wearing #7 with the Warriors). But if I want a pretty cool card, I am buying the Billy Ripken’s “F*ck Face” card for $20.

The card was purchased by Yair Rozmaryn, a card collector from Manattan, for $1000 a couple of days before Lin torched the Lakers for 38. Respect the guy for making a smart investment and striking while the iron is hot.

But to the guy who will end up dropping around 45 large for something that might end up being an overpriced bookmark in 3 weeks.


(used with permission of Robert Littal)