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Reggie Bush Done With Kim Kardashian?

What is wrong with Reggie Reg he doesn’t want a religious woman (Kim Kardashian to Become Devout Christian To Clean Up Image & Attract Better Athletes)?

The Sports Entertainment site claimed that Kimmy was getting gift baskets from Jets Mark Sanchez (a rumor that both Kim and Sanchez have denied) says that Reggie Bush is fed up with all the rumors, regardless if they are true or not.

Now, Starberry says she has the inside scoop on Kim and Reggie (click here for all the details).

“Reggie is disgusted with Kim”, a friend of Reggie’s tells us. “He says that every week she is linked to another football player and it is a total turn off. Last month Tebow, this month Sanchez? He’s 100% done with her this time.”

The Miami Dolphins star is said to be “pissed” that yet another NFL player has been linked to Kim.

“Kim tried to convince Reggie that she was NOT seeing Sanchez, but he just doesn’t believe her,” says Reggie’s friend. “He says that he doesn’t put anything past her anymore–nobody does.”

Something similar happened on The Bold and The Beautiful soap opera, but I won’t bore you with those details.

The gist is when you have done something for so long , when you are reported to be doing it again, people will assume it is true.  I don’t know if Sanchez was taking snaps from Kimmy, but her reputation is such, that the rumor caught on and spread like wildfire.

Men say they are done with women all the time and come running back to the sideline to them, so never say never, but at this moment it appears.