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Terrell Owens Gets His Child Support Payments Reduced

Things looking up for T.O.?

He is in a movie, getting real live checks from the Indoor Football League and now his baby mamas won’t be making it rain off his payments anymore.

Sources close to T.O. tell TMZ, the former NFL star was able to convince the judges in each of his child support cases to “drastically decrease the amount he was paying.”

T.O. had originally been ordered to pay between $5,000 and $20,000 per child per month — and with no new football contract, he was seriously struggling to make ends meet.

But now, we’re told the new payment plans — the details of which are sealed — are way more affordable … and “accurately reflect the amount of money [Terrell] is making.”

It gets even better — we’re told T.O. was also able to establish visitation in some cases, something he had never asked for before.

The visitation, in my mind is the most important thing.

Being a father to your child, is way more important, than just handing the mother a check. Maybe T.O. has truly seen the light.

Sometimes you have to fall a little, before you can build yourself back up.

I wish him well.