Jeremy Shockey Tweets Text Message From Sean Payton Saying He Isn’t the Snitch – BlackSportsOnline
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Jeremy Shockey Tweets Text Message From Sean Payton Saying He Isn’t the Snitch

Jeremy Shockey wasn’t the snitch.

I told you that, Mike Florio from Pro Football Talk told you, Mike Freeman from CBS told you and many others will confirm.

Warren Sapp regardless what he says, had no source, his source was Twitter. It was a totally irresponsible thing  for a league employee in a public forum to put out information that he didn’t have direct knowledge of.

I won’t go as far as Larry Brown Sports to say he should be fired, but he should be warned when it comes to league matters he is an employee and has to be careful about what he says.

Shockey though, needs to chill a bit. No one of average intelligence believes Sapp, so even though this particular dig at him was etherish he is taking it a bit too far.

“Sapp can say what he wants about me, but if he really says that he’ll put his life on the line for his source, we’ll see,” he told Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports. “I’ve never been a guy who failed multiple drug tests. I’ve never been divorced. I don’t have four kids by four different women. I don’t lie. This attacks my character and it’s not fair.”

We get Sapp has a sketchy past at best, but it isn’t like Shockey is living without any dirt under his fingernails. His latest attempt to prove his innocence is to post this screen grab from a text message conversation with suspended Saints Head Coach Sean Payton.

Just because you deny something in text message doesn’t mean you are telling the truth, but in this case Shockey is, but it is unnecessary what he is doing.

The truth will always come out, you don’t always need to press the issue, let others do it for you.