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NFL Network Tells Warren Sapp to Know His Role and Shut His Mouth

Never thought Sapp should be fired like some has suggested. I just wanted him to admit that his source was Twitter and no one of any significance.

Since he refuses to admit that, the NFL Network has made it clear that he isn’t allowed to break news anymore.

Warren Sapp’s on-air claim that Jeremy Shockey was the “snitch” who informed the league office about the Saints bounty program has earned him a talking-to from his NFL Network bosses.

In a statement to PFT, NFL Network Senior Vice President of Programming and Production Mark Quenzel said the matter has been addressed with Sapp.

“We have discussed it with Warren and stressed that he is an analyst and not a reporter for NFL Network,” Quenzel said. “In the future, if he comes across something he thinks is news he will let his producers know and before it is reported or Tweeted, that content will be subject to the same verification procedure that our reporters follow.”

Basically that is a nice way of saying that Sapp isn’t credible and can’t be trusted.

I tend to agree and hopefully he will be more careful, before posting Twitter rumors.