Gilbert Arenas Put Dog Poop in Andray Blatche’s Shoes, Explains Gun Incident With Crittenton – BlackSportsOnline
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Gilbert Arenas Put Dog Poop in Andray Blatche’s Shoes, Explains Gun Incident With Crittenton

I wonder if this type of stuff goes on with the San Antonio Spurs?

Do you think Kobe is taking out time to plan out elaborate Dog Poop schemes?

If you want to know why the Wizards may never prosper just read some of these stories from Gilbert Arenas.

According to Arenas, Blatche once threw his clothes in a Jacuzzi, accusing Arenas of cutting up his suit. Arenas denied the suit-cutting because he wasn’t in the building and insists it was another Wizards teammate. But Arenas was OK with playing that game. He got payback with Blatche’s shoes.

“It was just dog doo-doo in it. It was really dog doo-doo. … I took his sole out, threw it under there, put the sole back on and threw the baby powder on there so he couldn’t smell it,” Arenas said.

“No one actually saw a gun in my hand at all. … I was not pulling a gun on anyone. That’s actual fact,” he says.

Arenas, 30, had previously declined to go into great detail. This is what he says happened:

Then-Wizards center JaVale McGee had beaten Crittenton out of $1,100 in a card game. Wizards guard Earl Boykins loaned McGee $200. McGee didn’t immediately pay back Boykins as he won the money and an argument blossomed. Arenas says he wasn’t involved in the actual bet.

” ‘Pay the man his (expletive) money. You’ve got all my money,’ ” Arenas says Crittenton shouted at McGee. “So I jumped in, ‘Why you talking to your teammates like this? We family.’

“That’s when (Crittenton) started coming at me, ‘(Expletive, racial slur), just because you got all money, this and this and this.’ That’s when we started going back and forth. I didn’t owe him anything. It was over a $1,100 pot he just lost.”

Arenas pauses and sighs when asked how the situation escalated to the point of guns.

“Someone said they were going to shoot me. So since I’m one of those guys who says, ‘I want to see this happen. I want to see you actually shoot me,’ that’s where that came from,” says Arenas, declining to mention that someone by name. “I brought the four guns in and said (in a note), ‘Pick 1, so the day you want to shoot me let me know, I’ll be ready to get shot.’ That’s how.”

Here is the most amazing thing.

Even though Arenas was cut by the Magic via the amnesty clause they still have to pay him $60+ million because all NBA contracts are guaranteed.

To date Arenas has made over $119 million in basketball salaries, not counting the $60+ million he is owed.

Only in America.