Heat Udonis Haslem Admits Hit on Pacers’ Hansbrough Was Payback for Dwyane Wade – BlackSportsOnline
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Heat Udonis Haslem Admits Hit on Pacers’ Hansbrough Was Payback for Dwyane Wade

Tell us something that we didn’t know.

Wade is Megamind in Pink Pants, he controls the Heat like puppets. He is the leader, they follow him. Skip Bayless likes to call Wade Batman and that is true, but Bron isn’t Robin he is Superman.

Batman has a sinister side, Superman wants to be loved. Batman is willing to do what needs to be done, Superman always sees the good in people even the villains.

See a pattern here.

Not shocked Haslem took the bullet for Wade like Jason Todd.

Haslem revealed as much after practice Saturday, stitches still on his face, right eye still dark red with blood. And damn if that wounded eye didn’t sting a little bit on this big, tough man from Miami’s meanest streets as he tried to articulate exactly what Dwyane Wade means to him. Ol’ Udonis isn’t going weak, not by a long shot, but age tends to bring perspective and appreciation, and those things can soften even a man as hard as Haslem.

“I can’t imagine anything I wouldn’t do for Dwyane,” he says.

Wade, bleeding, fell at Haslem’s feet after Hansbrough’s hard foul. The game and series were still close then, though Miami would outscore Indiana 86-58 immediately after Haslem’s retaliation on Hansbrough and would extinguish the Pacer season in Indiana the game after that, an angry Wade providing the 17-for-25 punctuation that will echo throughout Indiana’s offseason. Wade got on the team flight with game ball in hand after finishing Indiana with 41 points and 10 rebounds, and he asked his rowdy teammates to please quiet down as he handed that symbolic ball over to Haslem.

“For my brother,” Wade said for all to hear. “For his sacrifice. I don’t think we win this series without him.”

“Way to cook their asses,” Haslem told Wade.

“Like having a big brother going with you to school,” Wade said Saturday. “No one is going to mess with you.”

Haslem’s thought as Wade landed at his feet?

“OK,” he says. “That’s how it is going to be tonight? OK. Let’s do that then.”

He laughs.

“It is all fun and games to beat up the Heat in the media, to say the Heat are soft,” he says. “But as soon as the Heat take a stand and hit back, it’s not funny anymore. Rabbit hunting is fun. But it ain’t funny when the rabbit has the gun.”

The Heat are back to puffing their chest out, but the job isn’t done.

The Pacers were pesky, but it was just the second round.  The Heat may have the gun, but right now they are just injuring people, we will see if they will go for the kill when it matters most.