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Going Inside of the Lakers Collapse


I’m sure at this point Pau Gasol is the only person who can truly speak about how he feels when he knows he is going to verbally catch the wrath of the “Black Mamba.”    Gasol was the not the sole reason for the Lakers loss,  but received most of the post game blame.

Last night after blowing a 13 point lead in the 4th quarter Gasol was again responsible for a costly error that pushed the Lakers to the brink of elimination against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Gasol in what has been his playoff norm the past two season was passive, unassertive, and wanted no parts of making a play during crunch time.

When asked by reporters what he thought after the collapse, Kobe held no punches in describing his Spanish comrades play.

“Pau’s got to be more assertive: kobe stated.  “He’s the guy out there we need.  When he’s getting the ball he’s looking to pass.  He’s got to shoot the ball.  He’s got to be aggressive.”

In Black Mamba terms step up Pau, make a play, and be the most skilled big man many in the NBA feel you can be.

Metta World Peace did his part to accept some of the blame.  “I support him” World Peace stated.  “I’ll take the blame for that. Maybe I should have cut.  He saw me open, I should’ve cut.  Its my fault.”

Its really no one’s fault.  The Lakers are simply out classed and out manned by a juggernaut of a team poised to take over the NBA.

Kobe came off a bit polite in ripping Gasol.  The turnover that led to the Kevin Durant three pointer should have been Gasol taking the pass from Kobe after being double teamed and getting a lay up or at least an attempt by Gasol.   Instead Pau got rid of the ball like it was hot coal and threw it directly to Durant.

In my opinion this should be Pau Gasol’s last game or two as a laker.  Gasol doesn’t fit in the bright lights of LA anymore and i’m honestly not sure how much more his psyche can take every time he is blamed for shrinking  in the moment.