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Pilar Sanders Gives Vivid Description Of What Happened The Day of Her Arrest

Deion’s side of the story was pretty clear (Deion Sanders Explains Why He Tweeted His Sons Filing Police Report Against Pilar Sanders).

In his version of events, Pilar was the aggressor and he was simply the defending himself. He claims that he never struck her or choked her.  Deion says that he has never put his hands on Pilar during their marriage.

He claimed the reason he Tweeted about the incident was to get his message out first before Pilar’s side of the story came out.

In fairness to both parties here are Pilar version of events.

Q: Please describe the violence that took place in your home on April 23, 2012.

A: “After Deion closed the door so I couldn’t see or talk to my son, he then opened it and jumped towards me in a taunting, frightening manner. I said, ‘what are you going to do?’ And he closes the door and I see him pushing (my son) into the closet area and closes that door. I cant see my son anymore and then he shuts the door on me. I call him a bitch. Then the door opens and he charges me like he’s running out of a tunnel on the football field – straight to my throat – completely off guard – drives and slams me into the glass double door by my neck. I’m kicking and scratching any where that I can get him off of my throat. I put my hand under his fingertips and I’m able to wiggle out of his choke. He picks me back up by my neck and throws me around … I’m screaming at the top of my lungs and now he’s rushing me into the bedroom – off of my feet – solely by my neck. He pulled me around the sitting area, I can’t breathe anymore … I grab the elbow of the statue with one arm and try to grab the double doors while he still has me. It’s very heavy, and I’m tipping it. With whatever bit of breathe and strength I have, I’m giving it all I got because I don’t have many more ‘gots’ left. He grabs the statue. I look at him like ‘you gotta be kidding me’ and I just cover my head and close my eyes and boom, boom, boom. He’s just hitting me with the statue and with his hands. He wasn’t doing a Superfly Snuka (the famous wrestler) over my head with the statue, he was just tipping, tipping it on my head … He lies and says he didn’t hit me or choke me and this is why I’m sitting here with a broken arm and a smashed thumb with a pin in it.”

Regardless if you believe the story or not, have to like the Superfly Jimmy Snuka reference.

With domestic violence it always hard to tell what happened cause you weren’t there. You can make educated guesses, but Deion and Pilar’s stories are so different hard to even do that.

What I do believe Pilar is telling the truth about is Deion’s alleged affair with 19 year old Aleea Lee, this sounds more plausible.


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Q: There have been online rumors that Deion was having an affair with a 19 year old woman and assisted by his friend Pac-Man Jones. Is there any truth to this?

A: A girl tweeted myself and someone else pictures of her in a hotel room with one hand on his back and tweeted text messages that had been exchanged. So I just happened to be on twitter that night and I saw it and I woke Deion up and asked, “is this you” and he said “yeah that’s me, that’s me but they must have photo-shopped that hand in there I don’t know who that is.” Im very calm and understanding, and probably too compassionate and said “o.k., you just got caught out there and you need to figure out what your story is because obviously you are not telling me the truth and I’m sure this is going to hit mainstream soon” and I kinda left. He never really got a reaction out of me. I got about six different stories and none of the stories ever matched. Time passes and I’m still at the house, still cooking dinner and we are at a football year-end banquet and he’s not there, I’m there with the children and people start coming up to me and asking me how I’m doing regarding the divorce. My reaction is ‘no, that’s old. That’s news from September. They said no he posted it on Facebook. I said ‘he doesn’t have a Facebook account, he hadn’t had one the entire time. To me that was very chic-like. Its very girlish. I’ve never known a man to do anything like that. A lot of little things he had been doing were female inspired.

Q: How did you learn of the alleged 19 year old mistress?

A: I found out that one of the mainstream media outlets said they were breaking a story about him cheating with this 18 year old girl and he said none of this is true, but one of the smaller African-American outlets had already gotten to it and proven it, but he said it doesn’t matter because we are going to get a divorce anyway and then it appeared on Facebook. I now realized that our divorce was the only story that could trump the story of his cheating with an 18 year old so he used that. After that, we was trying to get me out of the house by doing really nasty things like moving my stuff around in the house putting my things in the garage. Having kids come over and move my stuff. Anything you can think of that’s what he did.

Divorce still not final.

The prenup issue is still at the root of everything, hopefully it will get taken care of sooner than later.