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LeSean McCoy Also Believes The Eagles Are Potential Dynasty

I don’t think the Eagles players know what a Dynasty is.

You can’t be a potential dynasty until you won something. The Eagles haven’t won anything in a very long time. When you win a championship or two then people start talking about dynasties, until then you are just a team with a lot of talented players who haven’t done anything.

If we are using the Eagles criteria for “potential dynasties” then the Romo led Cowboys are one as well.

What he makes of Michael Vick calling the Eagles a dynasty:
“I think it’s different from calling yourself ‘The Dream Team.’ It’s saying we have the potential to be a dynasty. I believe Mike. If you look at our team you can see the players stand out and not just the players but Andy Reid speaks for himself with the work he has put in and his resume. We can be a dynasty, it’s just a matter of going out and performing. I think these last two years we should definitely at least have been in the running to get two championships. We have the potential.”