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DWIGHT’s GONE!! But What Does That Mean For the Lakers & Rest of NBA

I don’t claim to have multiple sources like Chris Broussard or live a Hollywood lifestyle like Stephen A. Smith, but what I knew a very long time ago was that Dwight Howard wasn’t going to stay with the Orlando Magic long-term.

I also pointed out years ago that he would end up with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Even I had no idea though that Dwightmare would take place and he would become the most dislike person in the NBA. With that being said Dwight isn’t a criminal unless you consider not having any common sense or not claiming your 5 kids a crime.

He has made a series of bad decisions, but in the end he is in the best place to win a title. The one thing the Lakers should be aware of, is even though it would make no sense for Dwight to leave the franchise after one year, they are dealing with a player who is emotionally unstable and somewhat mentally slow, so there is no guarantee  wha the might do when the season is over.

If you are the Lakers organization this is a NBA Championship or bust season.

Steve Nash is great but he is old, Kobe Bryant is fighting off his decline as hard as he is trying to keep Vanessa from finding out about his groupies in London, Metta World Peace and Pau Gasol have seen better days and  Mike Brown is on the hottest seat in the NBA.

This isn’t like Bron, Wade and Bosh who were all under 30 and had a little time to figure things out, the Lakers have to figure it out ASAP.

The Lakers weren’t bad last year, they were just good and good isn’t enough in LA. Now they have a ready-made championship team.

Howard is still the best center in the league. There isn’t even a question in my mind about that and he has never played with the type of talent he will have in LA.

Nash will only make him a better player. On court Lakers fan should have zero concerns about Dwight as long as he is healthy which I believe he will be.

The key as always is……………..

Kobe Bean Bryant

He has to dial it down if the Lakers are to be successful. They simply do not need him taking 20+ shots a game. I didn’t have a problem with it last year, because at times it was needed, but it shouldn’t be now. Kobe is a smart guy and I believe he respects Nash enough to know it is best to let him control the ball most of the time.

If Kobe is able to adjust his game just subtly, he is Kobe Bryant he is scorer that will never change, he can be more efficient, you will see his points go down, but his shooting percentage go up.

Furthermore his minutes will go down and that will save him for when the Lakers always need him the most the 4th quarter.

Essentially the Lakers just gave up Bynum for a better player. Their roster hasn’t taken any major hits, but only upgrades and that should make the rest of the league very afraid.