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A Groupie Tale Featuring Tyrann Mathieu

Over the summer a young woman was dating a football player. Everything was going well until Skylar got a phone call and that is where will pick up the story.

You wanted to tell your story because you found out that your boyfriend was cheating on you? Can you tell us who was your boyfriend and what happened between you two?

I was dating a football player. We first met in Miami at a friends get together and we hit it off right away.

We text and sent pics to each other on a regular since we both were in different states and I even spent time in his home town in Virgina Beach. He really liked me, so he sent me a lot of explicit pics almost immediately, I like what I saw, so we continued to communicate.

I thought everything was going great until I got an unexpected phone call from a girl name “Breanna” who claimed to be his girlfriend. The conversation that we had was very as they say ratchet. She repeatedly called me out of my name and threatened me. I thought this was childish and was going to get into a shouting match over a man. I simply told her to tell him to never contact me again. This is a guy who claimed he wanted to marry me, but lied about having a girlfriend. I don’t date liars, so I said she could have him.

Now, I understand that you also had a relationship with former LSU Heisman trophy candidate Tyrann Mathieu? Tyrann and your boyfriend were friends at the time, did he know this was going on and what was the relationship between you and Honey Badger?

He doesn’t know about me and Tyrann because I am very low key. I assume once he reads this story he will know that while he was cheating on me, I was cheating on him with Tyrann who he called one of his friends.

Tyrann and I ran into each other around May through a mutual friend in Baton Rouge.  We first met at a foam party.

For those who don’t know what a Foam Party is, it is like a beach party, but inside with a lot of suds and bubbles. It is a college thing, me and few of my friends were stripping, getting sort of crazy, but having a really good time.

Tyrann pulled me to the side and started talking to me. I had no clue at the time who he was, but I figured it out quickly enough. Nothing happened that night, but we started to have these long drawn out conversation mainly sexual in nature. He would talk about his sexual fantasies and to be honest they were a little out there, but I am a bit of a freak myself so I was intrigued.

I told him I would come visit in June to see if he could back up these sexual boasts. He made all the arrangements and it didn’t take long after we met for the clothes started to come off. He was the best I ever had and all the freaky things he said he would do, he did. He did not disappoint.  He was so good I invited my girlfriend over and we had a threesome.

I left the next day and he persisted in asking me to come back, but similar to my ex I found out he was in a committed relationship while also sleeping with several other women. If he would have just told the truth it might have been ok, but the fact he lied just like my ex made me not want to deal with him anymore. I stopped talking to him in July.

As you know Tyrann was kicked off the team and had to go to rehab. Did you see any unusual behavior when you were with him?

He acted like most college students. He is a little strange and like I said some of his sexual fetishes were out there, but beyond being a sex addict I didn’t see anything you wouldn’t see out of most guys in college.

Did you feel it was Karma that both guys were lying about having other women, considering you were cheating on your boyfriend with his friend?

Yes, but in a way I think this is giving them a taste of their own medicine. While they are out cheating on their woman, don’t be surprised if their woman is cheating on them.

What do you hope people take from your story?

I don’t want people to think I am home wrecker, but women should not be treated like trash. Also, I want to put a seed of doubt in any athletes’ mind that if he is cheating that his girl isn’t just sitting at home twiddling her thumbs.


So, what is the lesson to be learned here boys and girls?

My friend Sam the African told me something a long time ago that has always stuck with me.

“Whatever you are doing, your woman is probably doing too.”

Men are so focus on the HUNT, sometimes we aren’t paying enough attention to the cave and there is always another guy trying to infiltrate your cave while you out looking for fresh meat.

Can’t get mad, if you are playing the game you might get played at times. Even Deion Sanders gave up a touchdown every once in a while.

Honey Badger and the boyfriend should just give each other the Lebron and D Wade and keep it moving.